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Uncharted 3 has no SP DLC!

Naughty Dog team has announced that they are too small team to have a luxury of creating a DLC so they will rather
start working on a new game…But still there will be some multiplayer ¬†DLCs for the game….

Batman:Arkham City

So the long expected Batman game is almost out and this is what we got ¬†before the release…

PC version is comming out on September 8.

DC Universe Online is taking F2P model

So from October DC Universe Online is becoming F2P for all players,but we all know that it is actually taking P2W model that no one likes and it will be interesting to see how it will work…
I am sure that it will suck ,like a lot, but time will tell.




Rage has enterd the gold phase!

Rage is in its final stage and it is almost out…
You will be able to play it on October 7. on PC,Xbox 360 and PS3 !


Final Fantasy XIII-2 almost done

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have a device called Historia Crux, which will be used for time travel and you’ll be able to use things from the future and the past, find new artifacts to unlock hidden locations and all that good stuff. Also, they said the game is about 90% done, the correct release date will be announced anywhere between 13th and 15th September.




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